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6 Ideal Gift Exchange Ideas for You to Try Out This Holiday Season

The time of the year where many of us feel an interesting mix of both love and hate is this holiday season. There is at all times the potential for grabbing a gift or two for your workplace as well alongside getting gifts for the family. Is Secret Santa held in your office? White Elephant or Yankee Swap or even Hot Gift Potato? Are you in search for these and wondering what on earth am I speaking of?

For everyone, if you are having a Christmas party, a gift exchange can be a fun activity. These gift exchange games are sure to place everyone in a good mood whether it is a family get together or in an office party. To liven up the party, below are a few gift exchange game ideas that can help!

White Elephant

There are all who wants to play brings a gift and places it on the designated gift table as it is also known as Yankee Swap. It is the first person who picks a gift from the table. The next person that has been chosen can either steal a gift or take the other one from the table. Those whose gift is stolen can arrive at the table to choose a new gift and this is the one that cannot be stolen for the rest of the game.

Hot Potato

It is much like the game of hot potato when it comes to this gift exchange gift. Until a timer will be stopping or a song ends, everyone passes around a single gift. Whoever is holding the gift being at the end will be keeping the gift and goes out of the circle.

Secret Santa

For the holidays, this is the classic gift exchange. Days or weeks before Christmas, everyone picks a name out of a hat. For the name that they drew, everyone gets a gift, everyone opens the gift that is bought for them on the day of the party and then they try to guess who bought it for them.

Gift Auction

There are all that brings a gift, exchanges it for monopoly or fake money in a gift auction. People bids their monopoly money for the ones that they want as the host presents them with a gift. The next gift is bought up for bidding and the winner of the bid keeps the gift and this continues till everyone gets a gift.

Musical Chairs

Placing a gift in front of or underneath every chair, you need to set up chairs in a circle. Have everyone walk in a circle as you play music. When the music stops, have everyone sit. The gift is their own the one that is placed under or front of the chair.

Trivia Game

Every person who wishes to play will be showing up with a wrapped gift. Trivia questions will be asked by the host and the first person to get the question correctly gets to either select a gift or it will be given a gift assigned by the host themselves. They will be out of the game once someone gets a gift.

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